The Federation and member clubs try to promote various activities by supporting education programs in many areas. Some of them are:

School Programs
Outdoor Adventure Program

     Several schools in the area have active shooting programs. Some of the schools have teams and/or offer classes or special activities as part of an Outdoor Adventure Program. Members of the Federation volunteer their time to help in these programs and the Federation helps by coordinating and supplying equipment used in these activities. The volunteers, many of them certified, help teaching a variety of subjects like fly tying, fishing, shooting air guns and gun safety.

The O.C.F.S.C. was at Pine Bush High School in March of 2005 to help out with the Outdoor Adventure Program. We are pleased to report that the Pine Bush High School Athletic Department put over 320 students through the Marksmanship and Firearm's Safety portion of the program. A repeated thanks to all those that helped out including NYS-DEC Officer Mark J. Klein. The fly fishing/skeet shooting portion of the program which was held at the Eldred Preserve on Wednesday , May 11 with approximately 40 students attending this portion of the program. We are are always in need of fly fishing coaches and other volunteer to assist with this program. If you would like to help please contact the Federation.

Sportsman Education Classes

All new hunters, bowhunters and trappers must pass the appropriate course before getting their first license. Students must attend all sessions, demonstrate proper attitude and safety, and pass the test. A hunter education course is required for all new hunters applying for a license. To hunt big game with bow and arrow, a special bowhunting course is required in addition to the basic hunter ed course. A trapping course is required for all new trappers. For most people, a license is required, even to hunt woodchucks and other "varmints" with no closed seasons. Consult hunting regulations for season areas and dates.

Sign up for courses early. There are very few courses offered during the most popular hunting seasons, such as the May wild turkey season and the November big game seasons. If there is no class listed for your county, check surrounding counties, call the DEC Regional Sportsman Education Office for assistance or call 1-888-HUNT-ED2. All courses are free.

How to Find a Course Courses in your area may be listed in:

* statewide list of classes
* the "outdoors" section of your local newspaper
* Orange County stores that sell hunting supplies
* Orange County rod and gun clubs
* town clerk offices and other sporting license sales outlets.

For more information and class schedules, call or write your Regional Sportsman Education Office or call 1-888-HUNT-ED2. The Orange County coordinator is Rich Shannon, 782-7818.  (Tell him where you got the phone number.)


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