Land Preservation Efforts

     One of the goals of any organization that represent people who are involved with the outdoors must always be the preservation of land and keeping land available for all types of uses for the general public. The goals of preservation and availability require a wide variety of different efforts, programs and cooperation with other groups and organizations on a local, county, state, multi-state and even national level. Few people realize the number and variety of commissions, boards and organizations that the Federation supports, participates and coordinates with each year. Some of the groups and programs are:

Sterling Forest



      The member clubs of the Federation and their sportsmen have always participated in other programs and cooperates and coordinates cleanup projects of highway and stream sections throughout the County, and the Federation annually helps the clean up of Stewart Airport buffer lands in the Towns of New Windosor and Montgomery, and has volunteered to participate in the cleanup of Sterling Park near Tuxedo, New York and other locations.

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