The Orange County Federation is proud that it has helped promote this program. Besides urging member clubs to educated its members about the program and to donate deer, the Federation has secured grants and set up a processing location so that locally harvested deer can be processed to be given to various local food banks.

From the Venison Donation Coalition website:

     Deer hunters’ and farmers’ harvest can be donated, processed and distributed to help feed the hungry throughout New York State. Because donated deer must be professionally processed, the Venison Donation Coalition has coordinated a program where legally tagged and properly field-dressed deer can be taken to participating no cost to the hunter or farmer.

Meat cutters are recruited for participation and paid to process the donated deer. The venison is processed and packaged according to the Environmental Conservation Law and the meat is picked up by Food Banks for delivery to soup kitchens, food pantries, and needy families throughout New York.

Venison Donation Coalition Website

P.O. Box 784
Monroe, NY 10949
(845) 782-7449
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