In the fall of every year the Federation holds its Annual Dinner. It is a time to talk and catch up on the news, win prizes, and eat some good food. The dinner is like the Friends of the NRA Annual Dinner. We have lots of BUCKET PRIZES, BONUS PRIZES, RAFFLES AND THE WALL OF GUNS. The Annual Dinner is a lot of fun and everyone has a chance of winning a door prize.
Please plan to attend our next DINNER

The Orange County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, Inc.

2023 Annual Dinner
Saturday September 16, 2023
Cash Bar
Hors d’Oeuvres
Buffet Dinner
Doors Open at 1:00pm
Erie Trackside Manor
1 Jersey Ave, Port Jervis
Tickets $50 each, $400 per table of 8
For tickets or information:
James Torcivia - (845) 294-5038 – O.C.F.S.C. P.O. Box 784, Monroe, NY 10949




The Annual Dinner is a chance for you to meet other people who like the outdoor sports and to catch up on what going on, meet new friends and renew old acquaintances.


The Annual Dinner is also when we are able to recognize those individuals and clubs who have done the most to support our sports and our rights in the last year and years.


     All of our Annual Dinners features many ways to win all types of prizes. BUCKET PRIZES, BONUS PRIZES, RAFFLES AND THE WALL OF GUNS are always featured at our dinners. The prizes of all types come from many different places. Most of the prizes are donated by local clubs, businesses and individuals and we want to thank all of those who support us. Click here if you are interested in donating an item.



We always have several tables of BUCKET RAFFLE prizes. Ammo, Rods and Reels, computer items, handmade items and just about anything else that you can think of might be a prize.


Besides the regular bucket items, we also have one or two tables that are reserved for our BONUS BUCKET prizes. These prizes have a higher value or are a selected or special item.


Scopes, Limited Prints, Custom Knifes, Tree Stands, Fishing items are just a few of the items that we normally try to have as BONUS BUCKET items. The more regular bucket tickets you buy, the more Bonus Bucket Tickets you get.


At both the OCFSC and Friends of the NRA Dinner, one of the most popular WALL OF GUNS. We sell 50 tickets and when they are all sold so your chances to win something is just about as good as it gets. If you have the winning ticket you get to pick from the items and guns, what you want! It can't get much better than that.


     Lever action, bolt action, double barrel, semi-auto, rolling block, rifles, shotgun, black powder, for hunting and/or target shooting are just some of the long guns you might find. We also normally have handguns to choose from and other items like a shotgun shell reloader with enough shells, primers, shot and powder to make your first 1,000 rounds.


These are just a few of our winners.


We also have other raffles and drawings where you can win other quality items.





NOTE: Pictures of prizes and winners are from several dinners. Prizes, rules and awards change every year. OCFSC has no control over prizes donated to the dinner.

Even if you don't have good luck and win a prize, almost every one gets to win one of the many door prizes.
We hope that you can attend our next dinner.

P.O. Box 784
Monroe, NY 10949
(845) 782-7449
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